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Luxury Home Flooring
Your specially designed luxury home is a beautiful display of your character. Integrity Luxury Homes makes your home complete from top to bottom. We have many top quality flooring products for you to choose from. Tile, Wood and Carpet Integrity Luxury Homes has many colors, styles and textures to choose from. We help you make the best decision for each room based on your lifestyle and family needs. Our designers make sure that the flooring chosen compliments you decorative work and is functional. This allows for a long lasting result for your home. Count on Integrity Luxury Homes to allow only the best quality flooring into your luxury home.

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Adding a Fresh Touch to Your Luxury Home
When renovating your luxury home painting can be a long and tedious process if you do it yourself. Damage to floors and furniture is almost inevitable if you do not have experienced painting professionals. Integrity Luxury Homes gives you a chance to have a professional painter come in and create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Our painting service is guaranteed to finish the luxury room renovation quick and efficiently leaving no mess and damage to your home and belongings. We help you in color and paint choices as well as create certain painting affects that give that little extra design quality to a room. Integrity Luxury Homes’ painting experts are the best choice you can make when adding final touches to your luxury home renovation.

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Adding a Luxury Home Room Addition

Deciding on a room addition during your luxury home remodeling can create an opportunity for many design aspects. Whether it is an extra bedroom, family room or an extra space for entertaining Integrity Luxury Homes provides you with knowledgeable contractors that will complete the project quickly and efficiently. You will have a room that seamlessly flows from the original living space. The construction and technique will make it seem as if it was a part of the original structure. Our design experts will help you in the process of deciding where and how the extra living space will be added during your luxury home remodeling project. We can offer several room entry designs such as arches or French doors as well as accommodating for additional window or outside entries. Integrity Luxury Homes makes it easy for you to create a fresh new living space during your luxury home remodel.

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Giving Your Luxury Home Kitchen a Face Lift

Having an extravagant kitchen in you luxury home is a must. If you have an older luxury home you may not have the pleasure of a gourmet style kitchen. Integrity Luxury Homes can help you remedy the problem of a dated or small kitchen. Using only top quality products our luxury kitchen designers will help you remodel your kitchen in order for it to become a functional and inviting place for family and friends. We have a large selection of kitchen cupboards ranging in color and style as well as providing you with top quality countertops. Integrity Luxury Homes is an expert at remodeling and renovating luxury home properties specializing in luxury kitchen renovation.

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Spa Like Retreat in Your Bathroom
Having your luxury bathroom remodeled into a spa style getaway is a dream come true. Integrity Luxury Homes plumbers and contractors have the ability to rearrange your bathroom in order to create a more functional space. Adding dividing walls and creating larger spaces for jucuzzi style bathtubs are options for your bathroom retreat. We also offer top of the line tile and flooring to give a well designed look to your new bathroom. Your options are endless when it comes to designing your new luxury bathroom. Integrity Luxury Homes works hard to deliver your new escape.

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A Family Get Away in Your Own Backyard
Having all the amenities in your luxury home means finding a luxury home builder that knows how to provide you the tools necessary. When you want to add a pool to your backyard you don’t want just the average style and size. You want a backyard that provides a retreat that you can entertain your family and friends with. Integrity Luxury Homes provides you with many styles, shapes and additions to make that perfect pool. We offer you the choice to design your pool with special decks and hot tub transitions. You can choose from unique shapes and styles and add various tile and textured bases. You also have the ability of choosing from chlorinated or saltwater pools. Integrity Luxury Homes gives you the chance to create a luxury pool for your lifestyle.

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Exquisite Lighting Effects for Your Luxury Home
Having the perfect atmosphere in your luxury home can be created by special lighting features. Integrity Luxury Homes' designers have a wide range of lighting styles and fixtures that can create the suitable look you have been wanting. We gauge the amount of light needed or wanted, decide on electrical needs and finish with what specific fixtures would fit in a space. Our lighting layouts can include built in timers and fading mechanisms. This specialized work is done by educated and professional electricians to assure you that safety is our top priority. Integrity Luxury Homes gives you the chance to choose many styles and effects with lighting to compliment your luxury home living.

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Extra Space for Your RV
Having a specific garage to store your “toys” is a smart way of keeping them away from potential damage and excessive wear. Integrity Luxury Homes builds RV garages for our customers so they can have a place to store these things without creating an eye sore for the neighborhood. We build your garage according to the measurement needed in order to store all of your special motorized vehicles. Your new garage will relate to your homes visual theme carrying the same colors and accents so it appears to be a part of your home. Integrity Luxury Homes wants you to be able to store all of your vehicles properly in order for their durability to last.

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Having an Eye for Style
Your luxury home is a representation of you and your lifestyle. The ability though of decorating it may be a daunting task. Integrity Luxury Homes provides you with design consultants who are educated in current styles and fashions. They will help you create a specific style that depicts you and your family. Our designers will show you may colors, styles and items, they are also able to find great bargains on decorative products. Our designers partner with you to create that charm and character you have been wanting when decorating your luxury home.

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Upgrading Your Windows and Doors
The look of your luxury home is depended on many concepts. Integrity Luxury Homes can help you improve on the quality look of your home with higher quality durable windows and doors. Whether you want to replace your existing pieces with better brands or you are wanting a more dramatic and functional look we can help you in your renovation of your luxury home. Our suppliers are top name brand companies that provide many designs and types all with high quality manufacturing that give that aesthetic appeal as well as functionality. We only use products that are Low E durability, this technology helps keep your heating and cooling costs low. Count on Integrity Luxury Homes to renovate your luxury homes’ windows and doors to create an appealing finished look

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Working with Elevation Changes
Adding that extra appeal to your luxury home may seem difficult if your luxury home is built around a mountainside or a lower valley. Integrity Luxury Homes has contractors that are experts that specialize in building and landscaping around elevation issues. When remodeling your luxury home consists of building an addition near the elevation change out contractors know what is involved when building a structurally sound addition to code. We will discuss with you your needs and show you your options with the considered area. You will be pleased with the results of your luxury home addition. If your needs are more for landscaping in a elevated surrounding our landscapers have the knowledge and capability to layout a pleasing and functional solution. Your luxury home landscape will compliment your existing surroundings and create a new and modern appeal. We will design your outer surroundings with consideration of drainage and overflow areas. You will receive a home landscape that will beautify your home as well as keep you structures safe from flooding and damage. Integrity Luxury Homes specifically helps those home owners with elevation issues so they can take advantage of all the space they want for their luxury home.

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Having the Pleasures of Your Own Wine Room
A wine room in your luxury home is a must when entertaining, or for your own personal enjoyment. Integrity Luxury Homes knows how inviting it is to be able to produce a bottle of perfectly chilled bottle of wine for guests when the moment arrives. In order to succeed in having this capability many luxury home owners have added a special designed wine storage room. This room is specifically designed to your needs, it can hold a large or small supply of wine at one time and keep it at a specific temperature at all times completely climate controlled at an ideal 58 degrees. This allows you to enjoy that glass of wine whenever you wish without having to deal with making sure it is chilled or stored a certain way. Integrity Luxury Homes shows you all the special amenities you can have in your luxury home.

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Creating a Beautiful Facade Outside Your Luxury Home
Adding a specific and unique look to your luxury home can be easily accomplished by adding brick or stone veneers during your luxury home renovation. Having a home that looks like others in the neighbor hood is not very appealing when you would like to show your own personal style. Integrity Luxury Homes has a simple solution to creating that specific style you have been wanting to portray. By adding a brick or stone façade or veneer to your home you can accomplish a dramatic visual effect. Our design experts can show you the many options you have to add that extra appeal to your home. You have the option of creating a solid look across the front of your home, or adding simple accents to your home with brick or rock veneers. The choice is up to you, having that extra visual appeal will create your own unique personality in your luxury home neighborhood.

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Beautifying Your Luxury Home with Landscape Design
Your luxury home is a beautiful and appealing creating an artistic and appealing yard only adds to your luxury home design aspect. Integrity Luxury Homes considers the many possibilities of landscape design for every client. You will meet with our landscape designers and share your ideas as well as see the different ideas we have put together. Our luxury home landscapes have a functional and appealing look, always considering the amount of water and energy needed to keep and maintain it. We are experts at creating luxurious zero-scape yards as well as inviting playful yards for families. You also have the option of adding a dramatic look to your yard by placing a fountain or patio to your front or back yard. Integrity Luxury Homes shows you how easy it is to create a beautiful luxury home landscape

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Creating a Personal Theater in Your Luxury Home
Many believe having a personal theater space in their luxury home is a difficult process. Integrity Luxury Homes specializes in making improvements in your luxury home during the remodeling process. Creating a theater atmosphere in your luxury home can be easier when working with our expert contractors and technicians. Installing surround sound and projection screen capabilities is second nature to our technicians and is done efficiently. Our design team also shows you the best way to make it sound proof and inviting. You also have many seating choices ranging from personal theater style chairs to a more intimate family setting with love seats or couches. Integrity Luxury Homes helps you create a fun and inviting theater room during your luxury home remodel.

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Modernizing Your Cabinets with a Few Simple Steps
When you are remodeling your luxury home kitchen you would like a new and cleaner look. Instead of getting rid of your existing cupboards you can simply refinish them, this solves the stress and mess of removing your cupboards and installing new ones. Integrity Luxury Homes has cupboard refinishing specialists on hand to help you create a new and modern look to your kitchen. You can choose from staining or painting your existing cabinets, changing the doors and adding new handles or knob fixtures. When the work is done you will be pleased with your newly remodeled luxury home kitchen.

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Granite and Travertine Countertops
Integrity Luxury Homes helps you increase the beauty of your luxury home kitchen by providing you with many options of travertine and granite countertops. Our suppliers of granite and travertine promise us only the highest quality product. Each travertine and granite countertop carries its own unique color and personality. Our luxury kitchen designers will work with you to decide what type of countertop would work best with your luxury home kitchen. Many colors of granite and travertine are available to compliment your luxury home. We will also give you many style options on edging and the finishing touches that complete your specially made countertop. Integrity Luxury Homes gives you the ability to create a finished and clean look with these granite and travertine countertops in your renovated luxury kitchen.
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Upgrading Your Luxury Home’s Appliances
New technology comes out frequently in the home appliance field it would be smart to take advantage of these for your luxury home. Newer alliances feature energy saving technologies as well as larger quantity capabilities and more modern designs and colors. Although these technologies are available for all it can seem quite a daunting task to try and choose the right one for your luxury home. Integrity Luxury Homes will help make this task less of a chore. We can provide you with details on the appliances you want and our consultant will help you make a decision based on your family and lifestyle. Our appliance suppliers drop off and install your new home appliances and take the old appliances away. Choosing and receiving current appliances for your luxury home is a simple and easy process when working with Integrity Luxury Homes.
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Adding Those Extra Effects with New Walls and Sliding Glass Doors
When having your luxury home remodeled you have a vision for what you want to change and improve. Integrity Luxury Homes provides you with a design team that can show you many style options and techniques. Adding an extra entry way with a sliding glass door can give you functionality in a room that wasn’t possible before. You can also dramatically change the look of a room or entryway by building a wall that wasn’t there before. Integrity Luxury Homes knows that at times your views for change in your luxury home can be very simple big or small. We are here to help you with your luxury home remodeling project.

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A Simple Addition Makes Your Luxury Home Look Complete
Sometimes the simplest changes create a dramatic improvement to your luxury home renovation project. Replacing baseboards in your home can seem like a simple job any person can do. It actually can be an immense project that if not done right can leave major damage to your walls. Integrity Luxury Homes provides you with renovation experts who give you a beautifully finished product in your newly renovated luxury home. Our various styles of baseboards give you a wide range of material, color, cut and style. This little addition can give your luxury home a whole new feeling and compliment any design aspects. Integrity Luxury Homes has professional that will do their most in order for your luxury home renovation to look beautiful and complete.
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Visit our portfolio page to see the quality and expertise we bring to every project. You can find ideas and suggestions that can be added to your luxury home floor plans. Integrity Luxury Homes wants to partner with you in building your custom luxury home.

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