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The eclectic design of the Mediterranean

Mediterranean style home is both inviting and structurally simplistic. Mediterranean design is influenced by the many seaside retreats across the Mediterranean. Inspired by Italian Renaissance castles, Mediterranean-style architecture offers exquisite arched entries, private balconies with wrought iron grills, and beautiful tiled roofs. Rooms are generally large and rectangular, with doorways that have articulated surroundings. You also see massive and symmetrical facades with stucco finishes outside of the home. Roofs are either flat or slightly pitched, and covered with terracotta tiles. You’ll also find ornate scrolled or tiled walls and door surroundings.

Integrity Luxury Homes depicts the eclectic Mediterranean home design as a seaside escape. The home is so authentically made you feel you will walk out on a balcony to a view of the beach. Your luxury home will have added appeal with the functional rectangular rooms and the intricate arched and decorated doors. Our designers will show you many color options for the stucco wall facades that complement the Mediterranean style.

A true and authentic Southwestern design

Inspired by the ancient Indian homes that surrounded the New Mexican territory, the Territorial design has added Spanish accents to make it more appealing and functional. This rugged and simple design features flat-roofed square outlines with curved edges, and filled with wood accents in the window and door frames. These homes are usually represented in brown tones and feature clay-like accents. The Spanish Territorial home design is known around the world as one of the oldest functional and appealing structures.

Integrity Luxury Homes creates this distinct home with all the rugged wood accents. It looks and feels as if you have stepped into another place entirely. We design this beautiful organic home with Earth tones and textures to give the look of the old west. We complement this with a distinct courtyard filled with clay tile accents and wood finishes. Your Territorial-style luxury home is a unique passage through time to a simpler day.

European tastes with an old Americana flair

The Spanish Colonial style home combines bits of both Spanish and American architecture. It takes its main inspiration from Spain’s Mediterranean archways, rustic color pallets, and extravagant courtyards and mixes it with the American influences, adding Hopi and Pueblo accents and intricate touches with a Southwest style. The rustic colors and accents on windows and doors appeal to those who like a rustic, but stylish look. Tiled roofs and stucco walls enhance the beauty of this style, as do the massive archways and high ceilings found in each room.

Integrity Luxury Homes considers every detail when designing and building our Spanish Colonial homes. The exterior of your home will create the old American atmosphere seen in many vacation hotspots like Florida and San Diego. Your new luxury home’s rooms will have Spanish Colonial accents, as well as the functionality of any modern home.

The perfect balance of class and style

French Provincial houses are symmetrical manor-style homes. The focus on balance and symmetry is reflected on everything from the windows to the chimneys. French Provincial homes feature grand steep hip roofs, inviting balconies and porch balustrades. Bedrooms are usually placed on one side of the home to separate the family and entertaining areas. Copper and slate make up the main accents of this home, creating just enough contrast for a sophisticated look. Windows and French doors offer balanced accents to each room, while allowing them to remain functional and inviting.

Integrity Luxury Homes builds French Provincial homes with as much detail as possible. Your new French Provincial luxury home will offer a refined look of style and class. We consider every design aspect from the steep roof to the charming French doors. No detail is forgotten so your home will correctly represent this well-thought design.

Enjoy the organic feel of Tuscany

A standard Tuscan home includes intricate metal work influenced by Etruscan metal crafting, painted wall designs from the Italian Renaissance, and the subtle decadence of the Roman Empire. Tuscan homes are built with large scale ceilings, doors and windows for a dramatic setting. Tuscan homes also have stucco walls and ceilings, wood or tile mosaic floors, and large functional rooms.

Integrity Luxury Homes has researched and scrutinized every aspect of how a Tuscan style home looks and feels. Our designers take pride in creating the exact atmosphere of a real Tuscan home. We offer large floor plans with dramatic ceilings, windows and doors, and work with you to design large, luxurious rooms that offer a functional and inviting appeal. We also design the interior and exterior walls to represent what a Tuscan home would look like, as well as add those simple, but ornate pigmented decorations. We then complement rooms with accurate depictions of tile or wood flooring.

The romantic appeal of Santa Barbara-style designs

Santa Barbara’s beauty is known around the world. The unique and refined architecture is a mix of many different influences including Spanish, Mediterranean and Moorish. These features include white stucco surfaces, red tiled roofs, wrought iron accents, and courtyards. The white stucco finish adds contrast to the surrounding area, while the red tiled roof offers the perfect accents. The windows, light fixtures, and staircases are complemented with wrought iron designs. The courtyard creates an inviting and functional gathering space for both entertainment and relaxation.

Integrity Luxury Homes feels the appeal of the Santa Barbara style depicts everything a luxury home represents. Santa Barbara style rooms come with shapes and accents known only to this specific design. Enjoy the ornate staircase and window accents made from wrought iron, as well as the beauty of the exterior with the functional red tiled roof and white wall finish.

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